Friday, July 9, 2010

D-day approaching!

So, we were told last week that our baby is measuring about 3 weeks ahead... So they scheduled us for an ultrasound.
We had our ultrasound this week and determined baby is 2-3 weeks ahead on growth and they will induce by the 26th if he doesn't come on his own by then.
He weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz, give or take 7 ounces. I know that's not super accurate, but on average a baby at this point is 6-6.5 lbs
His head measured at about 39 weeks, which was 3 weeks ahead, too.
This can partially be attributed to the varying due dates that we have as well. But we're hoping he comes on his own before then, and if not, we know we get to meet him here in about 2 weeks!


  1. Why are there varying due dates?

  2. thanks to emilie's blog...guess who I just found??!!!?? so excited to hear about your little boy soon to make his arrival! we just had a boy a couple weeks ago - I love the infusion of blue in our house!

    hope you are doing well and here's a shout out to our awesome, reckless, immortal, and memorable enclave days!